Neil Young’s “Le Noise”

Neil Young has just released a new album entitled “Le Noise”. Produced by Daniel Lanois of U2 fame, it is full of old school dirty and gritty fuzz tones enhanced by lush delays and modulation effects (more about the recording here). You can listen to the songs featured in “Le Noise” thanks to this awesome youtube video directed by Adam Vollick:

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One thought on “Neil Young’s “Le Noise””

  1. This is great. Thanks. I am a big Neil Young fan and have read a bit about how he gets his tone. Sadly, no one is going to have access to Old Black, his strange little amp or the Whizzer. So how do you get somewhere near the Ramada Inn tone, for example? I find the chords all sound like mud with distortion. (I do already have the LP Custom – It’s a start!). Great blog BTW.

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