I have been struck by a bad case of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) years ago and I thought it would be therapeutic to share with you my thoughts about the endless quest for The Guitar Tone. So this blog is about the guitar, guitarists and guitar tone: guitars, effects, amps, etc.

A little about me:

My name is Romain Bigeard, I am French, I am a guitarist and I am based in Sydney, Australia.

I started playing the guitar at age 16 inspired by guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani as well as bands such as U2 and The Cure (that was in the late 80s!). I have played over the years with various cover and original bands around Besançon, in Eastern France. I then moved to Dublin, Ireland and Paris, France where I built up home studio recording skills.

I then moved in Amsterdam where I launched Guitar Tone Overload, a blog dedicated to the quest for the ultimate Guitar Tone.  In 2010, I recorded my first album, Fiction, on my houseboat in Amsterdam before heading out down under.

I was a regular contributor to French magazines Keyboards and Soundkeys from 1994 to 2003.

You can find me on myspace and soundcloud.

If you have any questions, topic suggestions or general feedback, you can email me here.

And of course, comments on individual posts are most welcome!

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. coucou!!!Romain!!! ( C’est la piupiu de aan de amstel(copine d yvette!!!)
    hey! mes felicitations!!! je ne suis pas guitariste, mais mon cheri l est, je lui ai juste envoye ton blog…on ne sait jamais… bon courage!
    Et, YEAH!!! let’s ROoooooooCK!!!

  2. Felicitations Romain!! I don’t know anything about guitars, but even I can tell you really know your stuff. Your little demo vids are fantastic – can’t wait to see you play live some day! Congratulations on your new venture, I hope it works out even better than you could possibly imagine!
    xox zoz

  3. Could you be so kind to help me, locate an Alesis Xguitar… places say no longer available but there has got to be one out there somewhere…

    Any info you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated..

    Thanks Lorie

  4. Hi Lorie, Unfortunately, the Xguitar has been discontinued so I think your best bet will be the second hand market at this stage.

  5. Thanks for your reply…. I have searched everywhere I can think of online, any suggestions and places to check..

    Thanks again

  6. Nice website. Just wondering – have you ever had the chance to try out any of the JHS modded overdrive pedals or any of his custom built pedals (ie Sweet Tea) ?

  7. No I have never tried JHS pedals but thank for pointing it out. I stumbled upon JHS a while back and could not remember the name!

  8. Romain,

    I really appreciate all of the great demos you’ve put on YouTube. I have a ’76 Silverface Champ (my first amp which I purchased used in 1982). I’ve always thought it was a great amp but it’s been great to hear your demos with various pedals as I’m recording next week and have been thinking of using this amp for guitar leads.

    I checked out some of your album…excellent playing/music.

    All the best from the USA,


  9. Thank you Matt! Yes the silverface champ is a great recording amp, I found it cuts well through the mix. Have fun recording!

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