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NAMM 2014 Picks – Pedals

There’s been quite a few interesting announcements pertaining to effects and amps at NAMM.

Here is a small series of posts dedicated to NAMM 2014 announcements.

This is not going to be an extensive list by any stretch but those products have caught my attention.

Two original pedals to start with:

  • First, the Logidy EPSi convolution reverb pedal: convolution reverbs are usually found in high-end studio reverbs or in software plugins. This pedal can receive new “impulses” and firmware upgrades via an SD card.
  • Secondly, the Sonuus Voluum is a pedal combining volume, tremolo, compressor, limiter and equipped with an expression pedal and MIDI/USB capabilities. The signal path, however, is entirely analogue:

Next on my list: Boss. A NAMM show would not be complete without new pedals from Boss.  The Boss DS-1X and OD-1X are digital recreation, or rather “augmentation” of the classic DS-1 distortion and OD-1 overdrive pedals. They use the MDP technology pioneered in pedals such as the DA-2 distortion or the TE-2 Tera Echo. This basically means they precisely react to their input and will, for instance, try to keep high notes fat and bass notes “focused”. The DS-1X and OD-1X also feature a two band EQ, unlike their illustrious namesakes which only featured a single “Tone” knob.

Here is the official Boss Demo for the OD-1X:

 More cool stuff:

  • The Simble Overdrive pedal from Mad Professor is a transparent Overdrive
  • A number of new Keeley pedals, I think I have counted 6 so far, including two secret ones.
  • Randall releases three pedals: RGOD, a two channel FET preamp, Facepunch, an overdrive pedal and MOR, a clean boost. I am actually quite curious about those.
  • Three new Bogner pedals (the details are a bit scarce at the moment).

Moniker Guitars Kickstarter Campaign (Updated)

28-04-2012 Update: the guys at Moniker have exceeded their target for this Kickstarter campaign, kudos to them! I have contributed myself and my reward will be a Hype Box Boost Overdrive pedal, I can’t wait to get it.

Moniker Guitars is running a Kickstarter campaign to help finance tools and materials for their shop in Austin, Texas. The ultimate reward for the campaign is a gorgeous and reasonably priced semi hollow or solid body guitar built to your specifications. There is a choice of bodies and finishes (I personally love the telecaster inspired ones, they are totally igniting my GAS):

Semi-hollow body or...
Semi-hollow body or…
or solid body
…solid body


The $150 reward is a very limited edition boost/overdrive pedal called the hype box (video demo here):



Other rewards include a guitar body refinish, pickguards, t-shirt, etc. I say, give them a hand, their stuff looks really cool!

Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz Version 2

I  reviewed and demoed version 1 of the Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz last year and, as you might recall, it was a killer pedal.

Version 2 is now available, the most noticeable improvements reside in the addition of two extra knobs, besides the basic Level and Fuzz. There is now a bias and a pre-gain setting. On a Germanium Fuzz, the bias usually allows to compensate for temperature differences. As to the pre-gain, I imagine it will allow for more “tonal” possibilities. As always with Buffalo FX, high build quality and awesome tone are to be expected.

You can order yours here for Euro 150 plus shipping.


Christmas GAS 2: Dimarzio Steve Lukather Transition Pickups

The pickup market is pretty crowded these days but I think the new Steve Lukather Transition Humbucking pickups by Dimarzio are quite interesting. Known for using active electronics for years, Steve Lukather has decided to go back to good old passive pickups for is new LIII Musicman model. The Transition pickups come in a bridge and a neck model.

What I like in those pickups is the clarity, they are punchy humbuckers with some single coil DNA.

Here is Steve Lukather himself demonstrating the Transition pickups in a video (and announcing his next solo album entitled… “Transition” to be released on Jan 21):

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