My Gear

My recording setup comprises of a Boss Micro-BR for quick and simple recordings and a 2008 MacBook Pro running Cubase 5 and fed by an Edirol FA-66. Depending on the need (and the time of day 😉 ), I record my guitar(s) direct to the recorder using a Marshall JMP-1 Preamp or I use a 1974 Silverface Fender Champ miked by a good old Shure SM-57. I also occasionally record direct using a first generation Line 6 Pod.

I am a pedal freak and my collection has grown to about 40 pedals and various effect devices. My current pedalboard looks like this:

Romain Bigeard's 2010 Pedalboard
My 2010 Pedal Board


My gear as of January 2017 (in a totally random order). I have somehow culled my pedal hoard but there is still a lot left.


  • Ibanez TS9 modified by Analogman
  • Proco RAT 2 (serial number < 300 000)
  • MXR Phase 90 Block (made in the early 80s)
  • Boss BF-2 MIJ
  • Ibanez SM-9
  • Boss DD-3
  • Boss RV-3
  • Boss CE-2 (sold)
  • Boss CH-1 (analog)
  • Marshall Shredmaster
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker (first model)
  • Marshall Drivemaster (sold)
  • Marshall Jackhammer (sold)
  • Boss DS-1
  • Boss DS-1 modified by Analogman
  • Boss DS-1 modified by Robert Keeley (sold)
  • Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion (sold)
  • Boss TR-2 Tremolo (sold)
  • Boss SD-1
  • Boss BD-2 modified by Robert Keeley (traded)
  • FoxRox Electronics Captain Coconut 2
  • Vox V830 Distortion/Booster
  • Ibanez TS-5
  • Boss LS-2
  • Boss HM-2
  • MXR Dynacomp (made in 1995)
  • Morley Pro Wah
  • RMC 1 Wah
  • Korg Pitch Black Tuner
  • Electro-Harmonix Knock-out (sold)
  • Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi reissue (sold)
  • Xotic BB Preamp (sold)
  • Digitech Bad Monkey (sold)
  • Boss FZ-2 (sold)
  • Danelectro French Toast Fuzz/Octaver
  • Boss CS-3 compressor modified by Monte Allum (sold)
  • Boss PH-2 Super Phaser (sold)
  • Boss CE-3 Chorus (sold)
  • Boss RC-30 Looper (sold)
  • TC Electronic Flashback Delay X4 (sold)
  • TC Electronic Flashback Delay (sold)
  • ZVex Fuzz Factory (sold)
  • Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz
  • Buffalo FX Silicon Fuzz
  • Boss GE-7 (sold)
  • Eventide H9
  • Wampler Pinnacle
  • Moniker Guitar Hype Box
  • CodTone Civil War (Big Muff Clone)
  • T-REX Mudhoney
  • Boss DM-3
  • Sansamp British V2
  • Electro Harmonix Bad Stone Phaser (original)

Rack effects:

  • Marshall JMP-1 Preamp (very useful to record “direct”) (sold)
  • Peavey Valverb (sold)
  • Zoom 9150 “Valve DSP” multieffects (sold)
  • Korg SDD-1000 Delay (Broken)


  • Line 6 Pod (very first version, bought in 1999)
  • Cioks Big John Power Supply
  • Gator Pedal Board (Pedal Tote with Power Supply)


  • 1974 Fender Champ
  • Vox AC-30 (really old)


  • 1997 Fender American Classics Stratocaster with Kinman Pickups
  • 1978 Fender Telecaster (stock Pickups)
  • 1999 Gibson SG 61 Reissue (Stock Pickups)
  • Handmade custom guitar by Robin Bully (equipped with Schaller Pickups)
  • Maton EM225C Acoustic Guitar
  • Line 6 Variax
  • Yamaha RB270 Bass Guitar

12 thoughts on “My Gear”

  1. It’s great to a Rat on the pedal boards again. Nice simple set-up. It this the board you run into your Silverface Champ?

  2. Hi, yes I run this board into my Fender champ or a Marshall JMP-1 preamp when I record direct. I also have an old VOX AC-30 but it needs some maintenance (super amp though).

  3. Nice pedal collection there man! I have some that aren’t on your list that you might wanna test out 🙂 (always welcome, I live in Belgium so it isn’t that far ;))

    EHX Cathedral
    T-Rex Replica
    Dunlop Crybaby (will check the model#, got it about 8 years ago I think)
    Dunlop Rotovibe
    T-Pedals HiFuzz (this is a really rare pedal and it absolutely kicks ass)

    I’m looking to get an EHX Micro Q-Tron, an MXR Dynacomp, a ZveX Super Hard On, a Boss BF-3 and an MXR Phase 90 (most of which you’ve covered on this site)

    I run these to various amps, usually to a HiWatt HiGain 100 head on a Bogner 2×12 oversized cab or an Orange TH 30 with an Earcandy 2×12 buzzbomb, but I just got a new Matamp GT1 with a 4×12 cab so that’s gonna be the main amp for quite some time I think 🙂

    If you have any suggestions towards my pedalboard, feel free! Always looking to improve and expand.

  4. HI Adriaan, I have relocated to Sydney, Australia so I am not so close anymore 🙁

    I haven’t heard of the T-Pedals HiFuzz, I will check it out.

    I like your pedalboard, very original, what kind of tone are you after?

  5. Hi there, great web site!
    I have a Boss BF-2 MIJ silver screw I have owned since 1979-80 (i think?). I have problems incorporating it into an FX chain. I have just picked things up again after 28 years and would appreciate any insight into using such an old buffered pedal with modern ones.
    I have tried it first in the chain for its buffer, as suggested by others re: true bypass vs buffer arguement (eg.Pete Cornish) and in a standard modulator position. In bypass I get noise with a “low level” flange fx and it seems to muddy the whole signal where every I put it, and that includes on its own. Its in near mint condition and not used for last 28 years, I don’t believe there a fault with it though I guess it might be that.
    I am learning still and hope I have explained well enough. Barring a fault what thoughts could you share on its use? I don’t yet have a separate bypass switcher which is in consideration but for priorities and financial reasons not got there yet.
    Also what do you think of modding vs pristine vintage in this particular case?

  6. Hi, as a matter of interest, what type of guitar and amp do you use? Also, do you power the BF-2 with batteries or a power supply? This could have an influence.

    It could be a fault of course although some of those old Boss pedals had bypass “bleed” issues (The Boss SD-1 is notorious for this, even later models). My BF-2 is nearly as old as yours (it’s MIJ so not older than 1984) and this did not shock me.

    The way I see things about modded vs pristine vintage is that modern modded pedals usually offer a cleaner signal and that is why guitarists often choose them (the Analogman modded DS-1 is a lot quieter than the original Boss for instance).

    That said, a lot of great 60s/70s guitarists managed to work around these sound quality issues which, often times, cannot be heard in a band situation. What I mean is, if a pedal seemed to muddy the signal, they might have cranked up the treble on their amp or used an equalizer pedal to compensate. But if the sound quality is too much of an issue, you are better off going the moderne boutique/modded route.

    As to the buffer vs bypass issue, I tend to prefer a buffer at the beginning of my signal chain, I find the tone loses less of its “sparkle”.

  7. hi.
    thanx for sharing your knowledge and experience above all…
    i don’t know if this is the right page, anyway i’m asking: i own a Line6 Pod XT and i’d like to get out of it a “big L.A. solo sound” (for example see from 2′:35″ of; which type of chorus and delay would you use? how would you set chorus/delay parameters?

  8. How do you like the Variax? I have a JTV-59 and I absolutely love it for its versatility, but I’m not as tone “autistic” as guys like you. Greg Howe has said some of the tones he gets from a Variax are dead on, but I’m curious as to what others think of it.

  9. Hi, I had a Variax for a while, the first model (later renamed Variax 500). I used it almost exclusively for two years when I got it in 2003 and then I got a bit sick of it. It’s really good but the Strat tone did not sound like my good Strat if you know what I mean.

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