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Stay Toon’d Tremolo Claw (updated)

(Update 05/09/2012): The Stay Toon’d tremolo Claw can be purchased from this online store.

It seems guitar innovations are mostly coming from digital technologies these days. However, no chip is going to keep your Stratocaster in tune if you Hendrix the hell out of its tremolo system (I think Hendrix can be used as a verb, don’t you think?).

Scott Lionello is a young Canadian who’s come up with an original solution to Stratocaster tuning issues. And it’s not a new type or nut or saddle but it’s a replacement “spring holding” system. I am talking about the springs in the cavity underneath the tremolo system. The idea is that the claw keeps the springs immobile when the tremolo is not used thus improving general tuning stability. It also improves on the “smoothness” of the use of the tremolo.

A video is probably better than a written explanation: here is Scott showing how to install the “claw”. Towards the end, you can see how well it keeps Scott’s Strat in tune, can’t wait to try mine! Note that there is a USPTO provisional patent on the Stay Toon’d Tremolo Claw.

Happy new year

A quick post to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011. Expect more tone, more guitarists and just more guitar information from Guitar Tone Overload.

In the first few weeks of this new year, I will complete a two part series about the tone of Eric Clapton, organize a match between a stock Boss DS-1 and two of its most popular mods and reflect upon the use of reverb, both live and in the studio.

So, stay tuned and have a wonderful year!

Neil Young’s “Le Noise”

Neil Young has just released a new album entitled “Le Noise”. Produced by Daniel Lanois of U2 fame, it is full of old school dirty and gritty fuzz tones enhanced by lush delays and modulation effects (more about the recording here). You can listen to the songs featured in “Le Noise” thanks to this awesome youtube video directed by Adam Vollick:

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