Ibanez Mini Pedals – SM9 Reissue?

Ibanez have just announced a trio of mini pedals at NAMM: a chorus, an analog delay and a distortion. They seem to be modelled after the old AD-9, CS-9 and SM-9.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 11.49.56

As far as I know, the SM-9 was never reissued and I wonder if this mini incarnation sounds exactly the same. It bears the same EQ settings labeled Punch (bass), Attack (medium) and Edge (treble) on top of the classic Drive and Level. The SM-9 was sometimes called a “Tube Screamer on steroids”, I don’t know about that but there is definitely way more gain on tap, and lots of bass.

For reference, here is my battered SM-9:IMG_4276

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