Mini Pedals, Maxi Tone

Pedals with a small foot print have become a must as you can cram more tones into the same old tired pedalboard. There was a time where BOSS and MXR pedals were considered small but, these past few years, smaller models have appeared. Some of them are as small as 1×3 inches (about 2.5 cm by 7.5 cm). I will list here a few of these “mini wonders”.

Mini Line by Love Pedal Custom Effects

Love Pedal is a boutique effect manufacturer with a full range of pedals. You might have heard of their Kalamazoo overdrive, considered to be one of the best on the market.

They came up with a series of really small pedals featuring a delay, an overdrive/boost, a buffer, a tremolo as well as a univibe clone, the Pickle Vibe. Univibe clones are usually pretty big but it seems Love Pedal managed to create a small circuit that sounds killer, and here is the proof:

The Pickle Vibe sports only one knob but an intensity trim pot can be found inside the pedal to fine tune the effect. It is not an uncommon trait for these tiny pedals as the video about the Xotic EP-Booster down below will show you.


JHS has a full range of  hand built boutique pedals, some of which having a tiny footprint (and custom paint jobs!) like the “Mini Bomb Clean Boost” or the silicon based “Mini Foot Fuzz“:


Guyatone are not new comers to the pedal game and their micro line of pedals has been around for ages. Their 2.75×3.875″ footprint makes them a tad smaller than Boss pedals and there are 14 to choose from: chorus, delay, flanger, fuzz, distortion, overdrive, booster…

Here is a demo of the od2+ by none other than gearmanndude:


MXR are known for their compact pedals. The Dynacomp and pedals of the same size used to have the smallest footprint of all pedals, that is until boutique manufacturers such as Love Pedal or JHS released 1×3″ models.

In 2010, MXR released three “micro” pedals. The Micro Flanger, Micro Chorus and Phase 45 which will take each 4.75×2.75″ on your pedalboard.

Here is the official MXR Video Demo for the yellow micro chorus:

Xotic EP-Booster

Known for their AC Booster,RC booster and BB Preamp, Xotic came up relatively recently with a booster measuring only 1.5×3″. The circuit of the EP-Booster is inspired by the preamp of the old Echoplex delay unit and it seems to have garnered quite a following among pros and amateurs alike. Here is Allen Hinds explaining (and demonstrating) why he’s got two EP-Booster in his pedalboard:

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