Micro-BR Multi-Effect: Jeff Beck Tone Settings

It is no secret that I am quite fond of my BOSS Micro-BR. I think it is an awesome tool for quickly recording ideas without having to fire up any (bloated) recording software. The only thing I was not fond of until now is the integrated Multi-Effect unit based on  COSM (Composite Object Sound Modeling). This technology has been used in every BOSS Multi-Effect unit for the past decade including the newly released ME-25 or the top of the range GT-10.

Like everybody else, I jumped on the modeling bandwagon when the first Line 6 POD came out. I got a bit tired of it, probably from overusing it, and a few years later I went back to a real tube amp and some scratchy old analog pedals. Anyway, I was watching a recent Jeff Beck video interview the other day and it inspired me to try to program a similar tone using the Micro-BR Multi-Effect. After quite some tweaking I plugged my Stratocaster directly into the Micro-BR and ended up with this tone:

Audio MP3

Awesome, isn’t it? This is a reminder that presets in Multi-Effects do not suit every player and should only be a guideline upon which you should build your own tones adapted to your playing, your guitar, your amp, etc. It also goes to show that the tool itself does not matter, it is how you use it that is important: I think you can get great tones form both modeling and old school analog gear.

To get this tone, the Micro-BR Guitar Multi-Effect settings are as follows (I suppose they would be easily translatable to any COSM based machine):

  • AMP: PREAMP ON, Type MS(1), Volume 100, Bass 56, Middle 25, Treble 43, Presence 74, Master 80
  • SP: ON, Type “ms stk”, Mic Set 6cm, Mic Level 100, Dir Level 0,
  • NS: ON, Threshold 40, Release 30
  • FX: Type Compressor, Sustain 7, Attack 100, Level 80
  • DELAY: ON, Type SINGLE, Dly Time 573ms, Feedback 16, E.Level 27

I also used quite some HALL reverb, the level was set at 42 on the Track. To access the Reverb settings, press twice on “Effects”. The settings were: Time 2.0s, Tone 0dB and Level at 50.

For reference, here is the Jeff Beck video which inspired me:

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One thought on “Micro-BR Multi-Effect: Jeff Beck Tone Settings”

  1. Could someone, please, tell me how can I get a clean guitar tone for a slow blues using only the guitar presets that already exist in micro br ? I need please the exact guitar preset and effect settings, like at the example above (Jeff Beck tone). Thanks in advance!

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