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New Look for GuitarToneOverload

I have migrated Guitar Tone Overload to a new and shiny server and I have changed quite a few things in the process both under the hood and on the surface.

Most notably, I have switched to a responsive design theme which should make this blog more readable on phones and tablets.

If you don’t like it so much (or if you like it), feel free to leave a comment.

Quick Demo of my 1983 Boss CE-3 Stereo Chorus Pedal

Here is a quick demo of my 1983 Boss CE-3, the first stereo chorus in a compact pedal (the very first stereo chorus being the legendary Boss CE-1).

This was recorded using my trusty 1978 Telecaster going into: Xotic BB PReamp -> Marshall Shredmaster -> Marshall JMP-1 -> Boss CE-3 (in stereo loop) -> TC Electronic Flashback Delay (in stereo loop). The JMP-1 was plugged directly into a Boss Micro-BR. I only switch the Shredmaster and the delay half way through. The Boss CE-3 had its settings (depth and rate) at noon.

I like the way the CE-3 widens the stereo image, great for “pads”. There is a bit of a volume difference between left and right but nothing that cannot be rectified at the mixing stage.

voodoo child music: the School of Rock

voodoo child music is an awesome music school in Melbourne, Australia. Basically, it is the School of Rock and they will teach you guitar, bass, keyboards, drums or vocals. I wish I had a school like this in my area when I was trying to find my way around my six string. It is open to people aged 5 to 105 (I made that up the 105) and they have tons of options available.

They have just launched their blog and the first post is about… Guitar Tone Overload. Thank you guys!

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