Quick Demo of my 1983 Boss CE-3 Stereo Chorus Pedal

Here is a quick demo of my 1983 Boss CE-3, the first stereo chorus in a compact pedal (the very first stereo chorus being the legendary Boss CE-1).

This was recorded using my trusty 1978 Telecaster going into: Xotic BB PReamp -> Marshall Shredmaster -> Marshall JMP-1 -> Boss CE-3 (in stereo loop) -> TC Electronic Flashback Delay (in stereo loop). The JMP-1 was plugged directly into a Boss Micro-BR. I only switch the Shredmaster and the delay half way through. The Boss CE-3 had its settings (depth and rate) at noon.

I like the way the CE-3 widens the stereo image, great for “pads”. There is a bit of a volume difference between left and right but nothing that cannot be rectified at the mixing stage.

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