Dunlop Jazz III Picks

There was much talk about the Jazz III picks by Dunlop with the recent release of an Ultex 2.0 version. I have purchased a 6 pack of the original version and let me tell you: they are awesome. I was skeptical at first as they are quite small, but they are very precise.  Here is a photo showing one Jazz III next to a more regular sized pick:

On the right handside, a jazz III pick (top) next to a regular pick (bottom)


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3 thoughts on “Dunlop Jazz III Picks”

  1. Man, I only use Jazz III picks. They are my favorites. But I prefer the red ones. The nylon is smoother and therefore, they don’t “stick” as much to the strings. Try the red one and see what you like best.

  2. Yeah, I use the red one as well! The fact that the Jazz III picks are so small isn’t a bad thing. I play a lot of distorted music and it just makes it easier to affect the tone with your fingers! Love it!

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