New Kid on the Guitar Blog Scene: Carl Verheyen

I was pleased to learn that top LA session guitarist and total virtuoso Carl Verheyen has started a guitar blog where he shares tips.  With 40 years of experience he has an amazing insight on what it is to be a professional guitarist.

I remember the first time I heard Carl Verheyen, I think it was when his rock/blues/fusion “Garage Sale” album came out and it was a big slap in the face (or a kick you know where). Every time I see the guy playing, I feel like selling all my guitars and picking up a new hobby. Case in point, here is a little solo rendition of Little Wing that he did during a clinic (the video quality is not that great but watch the playing):

And here is a really cool video where Mr. Verheyen explains how to setup a Stratocaster Tremolo so that the damn thing stays in tune (and he demonstrates the result using a cheapo tex mex Strat):

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