Don Wrixon: be a sonic rebel

Don Wrixon runs a site named Tone Secrets and has recently released a DVD full of tone advice and information. The website features this video which I wanted to share with you:

I know my website has a lot of information about replicating the tone of other guitarists but this should only be used as a guide towards finding your own tone and style. So I say follow Don’s advice and be a sonic rebel.

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2 thoughts on “Don Wrixon: be a sonic rebel”

  1. Thanks for the post and the kind words! I have this site bookmarked as it is a valuable resource and has interesting content.

    The truth is that a lot of tone is in your fingers and mind. It is very difficult to sound like another artist. Just like you can never perfectly imitate someone else’s speaking voice. It is, however, very important to study how they combined gear and knowledge to get their unique sound. There are two things that great players do to get their signature tone. One: they devote a great deal of time and energy understanding exactly what gear they need and work to master the gear they use. Two: They devote the rest of their time to developing technique, phrasing and writing (composing) that is unique to them.

    My website is I have also started a public facebook group called Guitar Tone Secrets. It is a open forum to discuss all things guitar tone. Group members include touring pros, hometown hero’s, builders, teachers and students. There is a lot of good advice.

  2. Yes indeed, it seems there is such a focus on gear these days that people forget that a high percentage of “the tone” is in the fingers (which is something I firmly believe in).

    Also what you say about taking time to master the gear you use is so true. When I was a beginner, I went through a phase when I would not keep a piece of gear more than a few weeks before trading it for something else. I thought changing my distortion pedal would solve all my problems where my problems were actually about mastering distortion as an effect and improving my playing.

    Thanks for the info about the facebook group!

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