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Coda Effects Crowdfunding Project: the Dolmen Fuzz and the Montagne Tremolo

Benoît from Coda Effects started tinkering with pedal circuits a while back and his passion has led him to develop two original circuits. The financing of the production of the kits or assembled pedals is the subject of a crowdfunding project on ulule:

The Dolmen Fuzz is a Big Muff inspired pedal with tons of sonic options such as a mid control and a clipping switch to alter the compression:

The Montagne tremolo is an analog Tremolo driven by digital technology which allows for things like a Tap Tempo or six waveforms including a random one!



D.I.Y. Big Muff and Analog Delay Clones by Dainius and Dovydas

There are boutique effects, mass produced effects and… DIY ones, a category that is not really represented on Guitar Tone Overload. I was contacted a short while ago by Dainius alias Dan about some home made DIY pedals and I must say they sound pretty good. Dan and his pal Dovydas, who have built a mean sounding Big Muff clone and a very ‘aquatic’ and cool analog delay pedal, are not selling their creations but would just like to discuss them with other DIY effect creators.

Dainius can be reached here: kacinskas.d AT Here is Dainius demoing those DIY pedals:



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