Fractal Audio AX8

Back in February, Fractal Audio, maker of the Axe-Fx modelling guitar processors, discretely announced the AX8. A pedalboard version, the AX8 features more or less half the DSP power of the rack version, but it has the same amp and effect models, just less of them at the same time (and no two amps at once).

Anyway, there was no release date for it but it looks like things are moving along and it might hit the streets at USD 1399, give or take half the price of the Axe FX II! Something tells me that a lot of gear is about to hit the second hand market.

Fractal audio has just released a teaser, a Toto cover performed by the staff at Fractal Audio, featuring the Axe AX8 for the guitar tones, sounds pretty good to me!


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