Boss RC-1

The Boss RC-1 is the latest in the extensive range of Boss “Loop Stations”, and also the simplest: it sports one level knob (the level of the “looped material”) and an innovative loop visual display. An optional two pedal switch such as the FS-6 or FS-7 can be used to add “undo” and “stop” functions otherwise obtained by respectively pressing the main switch for two seconds and twice rapidly.

No multiple memory presets or USB interfaces, those are reserved for the more sophisticated Boss loopers (RC-3, RC-30, RC300, etc.). The RC-1 is designed to be simple and it’s a lot of fun. The audio quality is top notch and it is stereo. Without further ado, here is a little video I have recorded (the signal chain is stereo using my Marshall JMP-1 preamp):

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