New Boss Products for 2014

Besides the OD-1X and DS-1X stompboxes (demos coming very soon!), Boss is coming up with a slew of interesting products for 2014:

  • The GT-001 is a desktop modelling/audio interface hybrid which includes the latest of COSM modelling. These new models are downloadable for the GT-100 which is upgraded to v2. Also the ME-80 has been announced, which is more affordable than the flahgship GT-100.
  • The GP-10 is aquite an interesting idea, it’s a hybrid of guitar synth and multi-effects with a built-in expression pedal, a bit hard to describe but the short Boss demo shows promises. It can also emulate different guitars when coupled with the Roland GK-13 midi pickup, akin to the top of range VG line.
  • The VE-2 is a vocal harmony generator which can use your guitar as input
  • The cube street EX is the latest incarnation of battery powered Roland street amps: it features 50W, stereo, COSM modelling, various inputs for mics and instrument.

Here is a Youtube playlist showing these new pieces of gear:

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