NAMM 2014 Picks – Pedals Part 2

Here is more from the NAMM, there is a lot of new pedals, some rather classic in their design but also some innovative ones.

  • Lots of new pedals at Dunlop:
    • Back to the basics with the CM95 Clyde McCoy, a reproduction of the first wah design, with some modern features.
    • The DVP1 XL, a cool volume and expression pedal with full rocker adjustment.
    • The Echoplex Preamp fits the preamp of the famed Echoplex echo in a compact pedal (Something that Xotix effect has done before actually).
    • The Uni-Vibe finally arrives in a compact pedal. The Leslie simulator favoured by Hendrix actually has a sound of its own and will now fit into small pedalboards.
  • From Italy with some help from none other than Eddie Kramer (aka Jimi Hendrix’s sound engineer) come some very innovative pedals that are wirelessely powered, see the F Pedals website for more info.

  • Fender introduces a line of Yngwie Malmsteen accessories (I did not expect this) including an overdrive pedal. Surprising since the swedish maestro had a Dod signature overdrive released not that long ago. From Fender as well, The FVP-1 pedal is an all metal volume pedal. There seems to be a resurgence in volume pedals, interesting trend.
  • Suhr introduces a smaller version of its popular koko boost and also a Fuzz, the Rufus. There is no shortage of Fuzz pedals on the market so it’ll be interesting to see how it fares against the competition
  • Lots of new pedals from Electro-Harmonix, I have covered the Soul Food extensively but there’s more, most notably the “TORTION”, a top of the range overdrive. They are on fire at EHX!
  • Finally, Digitech introduces the next generation of their floor multi-effect units, the RP 360 and RP 360XP
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