Buffalo FX Pinfire

The Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz has made me love fuzz pedals again. Now, hold on to your hats: a well informed source within Buffalo FX is telling that a new killer pedal is in preparation.

The Pinfire is inspired by the legendary Dallas Rangemaster, a germanium treble booster used by Eric Clapton on the Beano album (although there is some controversy about it) and Ritchie Blackmore. Where the original Rangemaster had only one volume/boost control, the Pinfire has four settings:

  1. pre gain
  2. low boost
  3. high cut
  4. output volume

The new type enclosure has a battery draw. In Steve’s own word: it “will be very high spec, possibly higher than about 90% of whats available”.

Can’t wait to hear the beast!


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