New Boss Pedals for 2011

Much like every year, Boss has just announced three new pedals:

  • the FB-2 feedbacker/booster┬áputs on a twist to the classical treble booster by facilitating feedback. That reminds me of the now defunct DF-2, a Boss distortion pedal that would feedback by pressing on it.
  • the BC-2 combo overdrive seems to be a Vox AC-30 version if the more metal oriented ST-2 released last year. A character knob changes the amount of gain as well as the voicing of the overdrive/distorted tone
  • the RC-300 is a looper that fills the gap between the compact RC-3/RC-30 and the flagship RC-50

And now straight out of Japan, here is a video demo of the BC-2 and the FB-2:

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