Jeff Beck a.k.a the Walking Effect Unit

I stumbled upon this rendition of “Cause we’ve ended as lovers” by Jeff Beck and I thought I had to share it here. This goes to show how a seemingly simple guitar (here a Telecaster, or an Esquire) used with a simple distorted tone can be a real tone machine in the hands of a genius. I especially like the “Tremolo without any Tremolo” action at 2:00, you’d swear he’s using a Strat:

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2 thoughts on “Jeff Beck a.k.a the Walking Effect Unit”

  1. I continue to marvel and love the tones of Jeff Beck, I have every release in my IPOD typt unit. I was not really happy w the last work, the use of all the tiny amps and changing his basic tone from the half stack and various pedals did not cut it for me, First CD I ended up dropping off my rotation, many of the tunes were just too old and out of touch for me. Now “Live at Ronnie Scott’s”, there is a master work and Tal’s (my God she is delicious to watch) bass solo during this tune just floors you. That is the Jeff Beck I dig and the tones that inspire me. Return to the great tones Jeff, forget that balasted little amp crap, screw the Champ amp!!! Every time Jeff gets a killer band tuned and working he steps out the back door. Time is ticking Jeff, leave your legacy with some of your best work. The grammy award winning version of a Day In the Life was a touch of heaven not to mention w Pagey, Plant and even Mike Myers sitting in the audience. If you have not heard or seen the Ronnie Scott DVDs do yourself a favor!

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