New Boss Pedals: ST-2 Power Stack and PS-6 Harmonist (Update)

Even if Boss pedals represent the anti-thesis of handmade boutique pedals, most of us are still using at least one of them. This is why the release of new models is always an important event.

This September, Boss is adding two new pedals to its arsenal: the ST-2 Power Stack and the PS-6, a long overdue replacement to the PS-5 Pitch Shifter.

The ST-2 is a modeling pedal which emulates the sound of a big amplifier and features a “sound” knob that changes the character of the tone. The PS-6 is a pitch shifter pedal that can do two part harmonies and it seems the tracking is just spot on.

Metal guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman demonstrates these two pedals here. The only other effect I hear is a delay and you have to admit the tones he is getting are killer:

Marty Friedman demonstrating the new Boss ST-2 and PS-6 (Click on the video tab to see Marty Friedman’s performance).

Update: the youtube video I had embedded yesterday has suddenly become private. People at boss, if you have done that, it is not cool.

And here is another video showing the PS-6:

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