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Source Audio Lunar Phaser

There is a lot of boutique pedal manufacturers nowadays but not that many explore the digital side of things, I mean how many Fuzz Face clones do we need?

Source Audio have been releasing a steady flow of digital pedals over the past few years and the Lunar Phaser caught my ear. It has a pretty interesting stereo sound that seems to magnify the guitar tone. Also, it can be loaded with Flanger and Chorus tones through theĀ Neuro Mobile App, making it a 3 in 1 pedal really:

MOD Duo: Open Source Signal Processor – Kickstarter

The MOD DUO is an open source based effect pedal which can be loaded with all sorts of different effect models, all free and open source.

For those of you who don’t know what open source is, it is a software movement which aims at sharing the source code so that you can augment it or change it yourself which in turns benefits the community.

I can’t comment on the quality of the models first hand but this is quite an interesting product.

Anyway, this video probably explains this a lot better, it illustrates a Kickstarter project, which means you can get your hand on one by supporting it:

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