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Anti-Shred contest at Guitarnoize

Guitarnoize has organized an Anti-Shred contest. The rules are pretty simple: Guitarnoize provides the background music (downloadable here)  and you have to post a video response including a solo of your making over it.  You have until June 3rd to do so. Check out this video for more information, and to view the other entries click here. As the name suggests, shredding is not allowed! The prize for the winner is a yummy MXR Micro-Flanger. Anyway, here is my entry (gear details after the video):

Gear used:

  • Gibson SG 61 Reissue
  • Amp: 1974 Fender Champ with VOLUME at 3.5, BASS at 10 and Treble at 2.
  • Proco RAT 2 Distortion with DISTORTION at 1 o’clock, FILTER almost on FULL, VOLUME AT 2 o’clock.
  • BOSS DD-3 Digital delay with E.LEVEL at 11 o’clock, F.BACK at 10 o’clock, D.TIME at 2 o’clock and MODE at 800ms.

The amp was miked with a Rode NT-4 and recorded with a BOSS Micro-BR. The recordings were transferred into Cubase 5 to add some reverb and compression.